OHNX 2012: Ups, Downs… but let’s focus on the Champions.

Last weekend was the weekend for Australian Tekken: the OzHadou Nationals. This is the be-all-end-all event for the players seeking the title of “Australia’s best”, and this it was also the chance to take the title as the first for Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

The event was run over two days, with four pools being played on Saturday followed by the top 8 on Sunday. The results for the pools can be found by clicking here. In addition, the matches are currently being uploaded to Lordsilver’s YouTube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/l0rds1lv3r.

After the pools, much socialising and drinking took place between players from all over Australia, and even a player from Hawaii (special shoutout to Rick aka Crimzon for being an amazing guest!). This naturally led to a Sunday morning of hangovers and large breakfasts, but for a few players the only meal on their mind was first place. The final few matches of the top 8 can be found on the OHNX stream archive. While the stream archive contains fantastic commentary by saiyuk and Colonov, higher quality versions of the top 8 will soon be online.

Finally, special thanks to Zorine aka Harli for her coverage of OHNX over on Kotaku.




1st [NSW] Lucky Strikes (Sydney)
2nd [NSW] St. George (Sydney)
3rd [NSW] Handsomeboy123 (Sydney)
4th [NSW] MMT (Sydney)
5th [NSW] meat (Indo/Sydney)
5th [NSW] Lordsilver (Sydney)
7th [NSW] Crocop (Sydney)
7th [VIC] Dion (Melbourne)



Congratulations to everyone who did well at the OzHadou Nationals X 2012!