Shadowloo Showdown 2011 – Sydney Representing!

Anyone following the fighting game scene not only in Australia, but the world, would have known this weekend was Shadowloo Showdown weekend. While it was only the second year running for the Melbourne event, it was huge. All weekend there was a live stream with commentators, a packed house and a ton of international guests. Although primarily a “Capcom” event, there were still a few international guests who are very prominent in the Tekken scene, including MarkMan (USA), Tokido (Japan) and GamerBee (Taiwan).

While I personally did not make it down, a few of the Sydney players did happen to be in Melbourne over the weekend and, naturally, participated in the Tekken 6 tournament. In first place was Mad Catz’s TTC.Tokido, with TTC.GamerBee securing second place after managing to defeat Sydney’s very own St. George (Cheyne) who took the bronze!

Fantastic effort by Cheyne, congratulations! Sydney represent!

(Photo courtesy of @MatCatzInc.)

ZeroX03 of Melbourne reportedly recorded the top four matches of the T6 tournament, so with his permission I’ll post those once they are uploaded.

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