Shadowloo Showdown 2011 – Sydney Representing!

Anyone following the fighting game scene not only in Australia, but the world, would have known this weekend was Shadowloo Showdown weekend. While it was only the second year running for the Melbourne event, it was huge. All weekend there was a live stream with commentators, a packed house and a ton of international guests. Although primarily a “Capcom” event, there were still a few international guests who are very prominent in the Tekken scene, including MarkMan (USA), Tokido (Japan) and GamerBee (Taiwan).

While I personally did not make it down, a few of the Sydney players did happen to be in Melbourne over the weekend and, naturally, participated in the Tekken 6 tournament. In first place was Mad Catz’s TTC.Tokido, with TTC.GamerBee securing second place after managing to defeat Sydney’s very own St. George (Cheyne) who took the bronze!

Fantastic effort by Cheyne, congratulations! Sydney represent!

(Photo courtesy of @MatCatzInc.)

ZeroX03 of Melbourne reportedly recorded the top four matches of the T6 tournament, so with his permission I’ll post those once they are uploaded.


Sydney 1vs1 Tekken 6: BR Tournament (1/7/11)

Special Tournament: Farewell Gipsy!!

Friday 1st of July 2011.
Time: Sign-ups 7:00 – 7:30 pm, tournament starts at 8:00 pm.
Venue: Good Games, Broadway.
Format: 1vs1 Double Elimination.
Sign up cost: $5.

We will be following the rules outlined in OzHadou. Click the link below for more information.…ament_Rules.pdf

Tournament Details:
<> We will be using the head to head machines at GGS.
<> Double elimination (you get TWO lives).
<> Matches will consist of ONE GAME until the GRAND FINAL, then BEST OF 3.
<> Random stage select.
<> If both players decide to use the same side, a coin toss will be played.
<> We will be using the life settings as they currently are (110%).
<> Seeding will be sorted on the day.
<> Prize money will be split as Youssef and only Youssef sees fitting.

Sign ups will only be taken through the Tekken Zaibatsu thread, which can be found here: Click me to sign up!


If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in the thread linked above, or by private messaging Liger 7 on Tekken Zaibatsu.

OHN9 – Results [Archive]

OHN singles results:

1) Gipsy
2) Handsomeboy
3) MMT
4) K2
5) St. George
5) Crocop
7) CtC
7) Draelor
9) Lazy Dave
9) Lord Silver
9) Snoozer
9) Dracover
13) SopSop
13) Kantoro
13) Zerokage
13) BKCoda
17) Liger 7
17) Tanned Titties (Brisbane, QLD)
17) Saiyuk
17) Zephyr (Canberra, NSW)
17) David (?)
17) Dark Chaotix (Cairns, QLD)
17) Shrimpball
17) Morninglord
25) Hybrid (Adelaide, SA)
25) DTC
25) Not Dennis
25) Mr. No (Canberra, NSW)
25) Handbag
25) Joots (Cairns, QLD)
25) Metal Fox
25) Stride-R
33) Genxa
33) Harli
33) Razer Athane
33) Jfizzman (forfeit)

OHN 3vs3 results:

1) Team Carried: Morninglord, Dark Chaotix, Gipsy
2) Team And What?: Harli, SopSop, Liger 7
3) Team MBC: Saiyuk, St. George, MMT
3) Team Canberra: Zephyr, DTC, Mr. No
5) Team We Are Awesome: The Chicken, Tom (OHN9 MvC3 winner from Brisbane), Tanned Titties
5) Team Foxbag 0: Handbag, Metal Fox, Zerokage
5) Team Not BK Joots: Joots, BK Sama, Not Dennis
5) Team Random: Kanoske, Fury Blitz, K2

Thank you to everyone that participated. And thank you to everyone that helped make another sucessfull OHN.

eSports Daily Article – OHN9

Yet another great article published on eSports Daily by none other than Zorine Te, titled “Australia’s longest running fighting games tournament wraps its 10th round”.

Great to see even more coverage of the fighting game scene in Sydney, and more specifically of Australian Tekken! The article serves as a great summary of the event with short comments by the champions themselves, along with a few videos to give you a real feel of the OzHadou atmosphere.

Head over to eSports Daily by clicking here and have a read.

On a related note, in the next couple of days I’ll have the full list of results from Tekken at OHN9 and link through to the videos that lordsilver is still uploading as we speak (there is a LOT of footage).