OHN9 2011: Game Over

What a weekend. This is going to be a long post, so I’ll start with a few shout outs followed by a round up of Tekken on both Saturday and Sunday.

First of all, a huge thanks to Youssef (Liger 7) for making this happen. Without Youssef and the Sydney Tekken Community there would have been literally no Tekken at OHN this year. Perhaps our effort this year will be enough to prevent a scare like that again. I should mention Kevin as well for supplying the cabs – it’s a massive effort to lug those over from GGS so huge props.

Along with the efforts to get things up and running, the core element was the competitors. So, naturally, the entire community in Sydney are extremely grateful to the boys who flew down from Cairns: Dark Chaotix, joots and David. While I (Mike/SopSop) didn’t get much of a chance to chat to you guys personally, other than shit talking during game play, it was an absolute pleasure having you down for yet another OHN. I’m sure we’ll be seeing you guys again in the near future, so we all look forward to the next time we can play together. Of course we are equally as grateful to the Canberra crew who caught a bus up to spend time with us: Mr. NO!!! and Zephyr. We all know Mr. No, and Zephyr has been up before, but as always it was fantastic to see your faces in Sydney – especially given the extra effort you put in to book accommodation and spend as much time as you could with us [I also want more mirror matches Zephyr!! – Mike].

Saturday: Pool A, B, C, D and Top 8

The day was split up into four pools, with each game being a best of three. As a result it was a lengthy tournament – but despite that everyone looked like they were having a blast. Be it playing casuals, meeting new people or just having a laugh watching Snoozer handing out lollipops, there was never a dull moment.

In third place was Mario (MMT) – a solid performance during the whole tournament, but just missed out on anything higher this year. That was of course because of the fantastic game play by Jacky (Handsomeboy123) who took second place, with first taken by Jacob (Gipsy)!

Congratulations to all three – very well deserved. Matches of all the pools and Top 8 will be uploaded shortly, so don’t worry if you missed the action on the day as it will all be on YouTube before you know it.

Sunday: 3vs3

The main event was over on Saturday – but that didn’t mean there was no action to be had on Sunday. The venue opened at midday and the few of us who weren’t hung over were there from just after the power was flicked on. As people slowly trickled in, we eventually had enough to run a SBO-style 3vs3 tournament.

While short, and with a prize pool of only $30 to be split amoung the winning team, it was still very fun. The grand final consisted of Liger 7, Harli, SopSop (me) vs Morninglord, Dark Chaotix, Gipsy. Morninglord really showed his guns during the final match and managed to wipe my entire team out! So a huge congratulations to them and thanks to everyone for their donation to the mini-prize pool.

I can’t express how thankful I am to everyone who made this such an enjoyable OHN – and I am sure the rest of the Sydney Tekken Community (and Cairns and Canberra Tekken Community!) strongly agree with me on this. As I mentioned we have some footage that is currently being uploaded, so watch this space to catch a piece of the action!

– SopSop (Mike)



OHN9 is less than a week away! If you haven’t registered yet, you’re still in luck as the deadline for discounted entry was extended until the end of the week. If that applies to you, you should be clicking here right now and filling the form out.

This is going to be big, we have cameras ready for photos and video footage so come be a part of it. This is the last OHN that will include Tekken 6: BR as next year we will have TTT2. So no excuses, this is your last chance to shine with your main character until Tekken 7!

Feel free to ask any questions by commenting on this entry or by visiting the Sydney or OHN thread on Tekken Zaibatsu by clicking here.

OHN9 Registrations: Get in Quick!

Just a reminder to everyone that OHN9 registrations are open. Remember that all competitors must register online before Friday 20th of May, 2011, and registering early will earn you a discount. Players who register online by Friday, 6th of May will be charged $40 for venue entry. Players who register online between 7th – 20th May (inclusive) will be charged $60 for venue entry.

That’s a huge saving, and will cover the cost of entering the Tekken 6: BR tournament as well as an Ultimate Burger Meal from KFC.

You can register online by clicking here.