OHN9 Sydney: 28-29/5/11 – T6:BR

Last month the line up for OHN9 was announced, and to the disappointment of many Tekken fan around the nation, Tekken 6 was not included as one of the listed titles this year.

However, tears aside guys as Liger 7 has done it again. After much negotiation, Ziggy finally announced T6:BR as part of the OHN9 line up over in the official thread on OzHadou:

I’m pleased to announce that Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion has been added to the official tournament line-up for OHN9. This tournament will be run using the arcade version at the OHN9 venue, 99 on York, and is being organised by long-time OHN collaborator Liger 7.

Mark the date on your calenders, practice your throw breaks and study those frames. We haven’t seen an OHN since 2009 so this is going to be big. Look forward to seeing you all there!


PS: If you see Liger 7 around, seriously shake his hand and buy him a drink. Without him this would literally not be happening!

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