Australia to get TEKKEN-NET?

For the twitter users amoung us, you should definitely add Katsuhiro Harada to your following list. This man basically IS Tekken, as you can see from his profile he is the Game Director/Chief Producer of Fighting Games for Namco, leading the Tekken Project.

I (Mike) decided to ask him a question in regards to whether or not the proposed Bana-Pass will work outside Korean and Japan, as there is much speculation that it won’t.

While this is far from a confirmation, I believe it at least shows that TEKKEN-NET in Australia is being strongly considered, so there is definitely a chance we will see it come TTT2. For now we can keep hoping though, note his careful use of “probably”!


eSports Daily Article

eSports Daily have published an article titled “Australia Tekken it to the next level in 2011” written by Zorine Te, a member of the STC herself. It covers a few key points about our community as well as short interviews with prominent STC players Liger 7 (Youssef) and St. George (Cheyne).

The somewhat flattering article can be read by clicking here. Huge props to Zorine for helping promote the STC, as well as pro-level Tekken in general. Something we definitely need more of!